Jul 15, 2010

inter[re]view : Chris McCreary & Marthe Reed

In this first installment of Dialogue's End, Furniture Press Books and Black Radish Books teamed up one writer from each press for a mutual book review, followed by a casual dialogue about process and poetics.

Chris McCreary reviews Marthe Reed's new book, Gaze, and Marthe in turn reviews Chris' Undone: a fakebook.

To read Chris & Marthe's inter[re]view, click on the following link.

To purchase a copy of Chris' book from Furniture Press Books, click here.

To Purchase a copy of Marthe Reed's from Black Radish Books/SPD, click here.

1 comment:

  1. Fascinating to read about the various influences in your works, Chris and Marthe - and absolutely inspiring. I look forward even more to reading Undone with these insights and will also order Gaze as I am intrigued by the idea of "binaries," "looking," and power/control.